welcome to my blog:D

18 09 2006

Hello i’m hana-or:Hannah.



About Me
If you didn’t already know i’m into photography; and hope to be a photographer when i am older.
I also have a massive family (which i am not going throught) hehe.

I am currently single and not that bothered about finding anyone at the moment:Boys my age are
way too immature so i’ll wait thanksx. (i doubt that will work! somehow though).

Anyways enough about me; more about you, tell me


what i like!dancing                                                           acting                                                                                                          singing                                                                                                       photoshop                     sports                                                                                                                  writing-tutorials                                                                                                going out                                                                                                      looking nice                                                                                                 hanging out with my friends

and of coarse:Photography:D